Turn Surveys

Into Sur-yeys

It's time to surveys into sur-yeys
It's Time to Turn Your Survey Around

We've all taken part in online surveys, right?

It's time to turn 'sur-veys' into 'sur-yeys'.


Our groundbreaking survey technology is a brand new survey concept, miles ahead of an average text-driven survey. 

No More Boring

Text Only Surveys

Did you know that audio, image and video content attracts way more attention and interaction than static content?  Way more!

Recent studies shows that video or image-based content gets way more views.  We create unique video, audio or image-based surveys for our clients to suit your business.

It's time to surveys into sur-yeys

Engage Your


You want your survey respondent to want to share their opinion with you and to enjoy their survey journey.

Dull boring surveys are a thing of the past with Visual Surveys.

Get Visual and engage your target audience.

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Get Visual

Get Interactive

Get Results

Winning over survey respondents can be a tricky process.  Video content attracts a whopping 82% more views! Now that's impressive.  It's also great news when it comes to conducting a survey.  

The more respondents you get to complete your survey - the better the quality of your survey results.

25% Off our Video Survey

Everyone Loves

a Smiley

Take your survey from boring to brilliant.

With the digitalisation of everything, isn't it refreshing to experience friendly human interaction when completing a survey?

70% of consumers still want human interaction versus text and chatbots.

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Visual Surveys has taken the guesswork out of how to get your surveys completion rate dramatically increased!

Get Visual

Get Interactive

Get Results

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Engagement Equals Results


Valuable Data

Don't just collect valuable data, make that data work for you.

Get Visual

Get Interactive

Get Results

Turn collecting data into an awesome respondent experience.

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Turn Data into Valuable Information




Discover more about your customer's preferences with interactive an image or video based survey.

Text is a barrier that prevents people from completing surveys.  Breakthrough text barrier with a custom-made video and audio survey.

Creating an awesome user experience for your survey is key to gaining valuable insight into their needs and wants.

Show Your


Make your mark and show your individuality.

Creating a successful survey means understanding that everyone is an individual.

Visual Surveys allows your survey respondents to get interactive and leaver their individual mark on your survey.

Make Your Mark

Engagement - Equals - Results

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